Fanny facials. Yep, that’s what my regular salon owner calls them. How have I not heard about these? Apparently everyone’s doing it and I’m the last to know. Cosmo and Harpers Bazaar spotted the trend a few years ago already.

I’ve been a regular visitor at Jenny Lee Beauty Salon at the Portobello Green Fitness Club for over a year now. It’s ideal as the Fitness Club has two squash courts so I get my beauty and fitness routine rolled into one with a single visit. The gym and the salon is not glam bam, but I don’t trust anyone besides Jenny who’s been offering waxing and beauty treatments (facials, manicures, pedicures) for nearly two decades. Plus she has good chat and great prices.

So what’s a fanny facial then? Well, she tells me that it’s a regular post brazilian wax facial done to your bikini area – and although I don’t mean to copy Cameron Diaz’s graphic illustrations from her latest venture The Body Book – I can’t help but divulge: it involves cleansing, toning, steaming, preening and then having a mask applied right there to your intimates (or around them, rather)! After the mask you have the usual apres-lotion-application and it’s exactly the same as a facial, “but without the massage,” warns Jenny, “that would just be weird.” I bet.

But this 45 minute treatment costs just £15 and, although I haven’t tried it yet, me and everyone I’ve mentioned it to wants to give it a go. So I thought I’d share the info and spread the love today (for appointments email

Jenny has also created a range of organic beauty products for sale online from her website and also available at a stall on Saturdays on Portobello Road. The Green Clay mask and Mango & Lime body scrub are my favourite picks.