Treatment Price List

FACIALS All our facials include a deep cleanse and facial scrub and ozone deep aroma steam which has a anti bacterial effect on the skin to help draw out impurities then we do extraction and tone the a mask of your choice and finish off with a relaxing facial and kneck massage which helps strengthens inner muscels all product are jenny lee own brand of organic products
Facials £
no needle Mesotherapy 1 treatments 60
ultrasonic liposuction-cavitation slimmimg 60
diamond microdermabrashion 50
Natural Organic Green Clay Mask 30
Galvanic Facial 40
Paraffin Hot Wax Facial 40
High Frequenc Facial 40
mini Facial 20
vacuum therapy slimming 60
Back Cleansing Facial on Back 45
Back Cleaning with Massage 50
G/5massage 1/2hr 30
Manicure & Pedicure £
1 Hour Luxury Manicure 28
30 Minute Mini Manicure 10
1 Hour Luxury Pedicure 35
30 Minute Mini Pedicure 20
30 Minute Mini Callus Peel 20
Gelish Polish 20
Gelish Pedicure 45
Eyelash & Eyebrows £
Eye lash Tint 10
Eye brow Tint 08
Eye brow/ lash tint 16
eyebrow/shape 10
Eyelash extention half 15

BIKINI FACIALS £15 1/2 hr. £25 1 hr.

Bikini facials last between half hour and one hour it involves cleans and scrub and then 15 to 25 minutes of ozone deep steam which opens up the pores and the ozone kills bacteria on the skin in order for the ingrown hairs to be removed were possible then a jenny lees organic green clay mask is put on the skin for 15 minutes to help close the pores and sooth the skin then jenny lee cooling aloe Vera gel

Waxing £
Full Leg, Under Arm & Bikini 30
Half Leg, Under Arm & Bikini 25
Full Leg, Under Arm or Bikini 25
Half Leg, Under Arm or Bikini 20
Full Leg 20
Half leg 15
G/String Men 40
G/String women 30
High bikini With Bum 15
Bikini facial 15
Bum 10
Full Arm 15
Half Arm 08
Full Chin 10
Chin 05
Back or chest 15
Half Chest or Back 10


Jenny lee uses tea tree cream wax which has antiseptic properties which also helps calm the skin after waxing which mean less redness and ingrown hairs and is also good for short hairs and bikini line